Look At Food Trucks And Their Importance

Food trucks are the in-thing. Eating at a food truck is a social activity. For food trucks in Delhi, which is a fast paced city, the casual conversations out in the open is a stress buster (along with the lip smacking good food). The best of all is the innovative cuisine at the food trailers.

Food trailers and food carts become popular by a combination of social experience & presence, reasonable prices and innovative food. The food truck industry is growing at an exponential rate, and competition makes it just better for the customers to have a culinary delight on the go, and on budget rates.

The overhead and operational costs in food trucks is marginal compared to mortar and stick buildings. Chefs who are original and brilliant, can have their own brand ready at a rapid rate.

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What our clients say

  • I am still an employee with IT firm in Noida and get very little time to run the operations but really got big insights in the same. The truck made by Silver Spoon is appreciated by one and all in the region and I don't really need to spend a lot on marketing because my truck looks very catchy from the distance.
    Hunger Depot -
  • When I met Anuj and Manan in Silver spoon I had no clue of food truck but these guys entrtained me even after my first truck was ready and to run the operations part even efficiently than ever.
    Hunger Mania -
  • From choosing a restaurant to shopping for a luxury vehicle, people want to know that they are making the right decision before they buy. When searching for the answer to that question, shoppers almost always turn to other shoppers and compare the quality, the price, the worth and I must say SILVER SPOONS has been by far the best in every aspect. Its truly living it up to their words.
    Thirsty Bird -
  • Silverspoon is a one of a kind vendor - friendly, professional, timely and accurate. For those venturing into the buzzing foodtruck business space they are a one stop shop. Good customizations on offer.
    Taste Mafia -
  • We made 2 trucks together and both trucks looked far better than all other trucks in Noida. Really appreciate their job.
    Classy, Cook & Chef -